Sharon Loh

Certified Chinese Teacher
Barcelona, Spain

About Sharon


I am a qualified Chinese and English teacher in Barcelona. I like to meet with different people, hear their stories. Meanwhile, I like to read, write and do translation. TED is an inspiring learning platform, I am glad that I can be part of the team to share all the good ideas with the world especially for the Chinese community. Thank you.


Cantonese, Chinese, English

Areas of Expertise

Community Organizing, Event Planer, Campaign, Social Work, Volun, Translating (Chinese-English), Language Teaching (Chinese and English)

An idea worth spreading

We're change agents and can make a better world. And there are a lot of amazing people have been doing so many great jobs, so why don't we share and learn together to make change.

I'm passionate about

All the arts like architecture, photography, fashion, music, paper-cut, cooking, reading, story-telling, translating and games...want to be an artist like God to enjoy and celebrate life.

Talk to me about

Dreamer, Risk-taker, learner and always try something new.

People don't know I'm good at

I can cook different kinds of nice Asian foods.

My TED story

I've seem a TED video on youtube around 2008, I could not remember the speaker and theme, but found it is very inspiring. Then, I start to connect with TED and see some videos regularly. Until I met a friend who is passionate on sharing TED ideas and have been getting involved in organizing events and also really enjoy it. So I think it is a time to find my place here.

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Comments & conversations

Sharon Loh
Posted over 2 years ago
Young-ha Kim: Be an artist, right now!
Yes, we are all born artists. When I was around 6, i have made a spider spin by my used gum in our new flat, it's a tragedy later. And I still want to do something special and interesting everyday. Cheer