Vladislav Mandzhiyev

New York, NY, United States

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I'm not exactly one of your casual teenagers. Unlike some, I believe that is it very important for young adults to be aware of the things that are going on in our societies. Everyone should care about things such as the environment, politics, education, science, technology, medicine, among others. Shutting your eyes to the truth about the world around you will never get you anywhere, so why do so? Join the TED community and become a knowledgeable, caring, and a well-rounded person! With knowledge comes power, and don't forget; Talk Nerdy to Me! :)


English, Russian, Spanish

An idea worth spreading

An idea worth spreading would be the necessity of battling ignorance in our society. With knowledge comes a more thoughtful view of life. And with that an improved way of life is just around the corner. Read My TED story to see how TED inspired me to become a happier and a better person!

I'm passionate about

Anything that serves a greater cause: May it be to help the environment, feed the poor, or give the less fortunate the inalienable rights that they deserve, is something that I am passionate about!

Talk to me about

Anything you care about! As long as you don't use vulgar, rude language, I'd be more than happy to converse with you!

People don't know I'm good at

Achieving anything that I put my mind to.

My TED story

I was in a predicament until my second year in high school; I was antisocial, and didn't care about anything other than my studies. Later, my Global History teacher showed our class a TED talk by Hans Rosling, about overpopulation, titled "Religion and Babies." Before seeing that video; I was unfamiliar with the idea of people gathering all over the world, to share their ideas, and hypotheses. I was instantly fascinated, and watched TED videos ever since. There is a high possibility that I learned more from TED talks and TEDEd than I ever did from my schooling. TED opened my eyes to so many fields of studies, and inspirational individuals, that I decided to change myself. I started with changing my mindset to a more optimistic one, in time I became more social, and then I changed my lifestyle. With the support of TED, and many other health and wellness programs, I learned to eat healthily, the importance of exercise and ample sleep. I'm a much better person thanks to TED, and the like.