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Posted over 1 year ago
Solving gun violence in the US in today's insane political climate requires a solution that makes it painless for everyone.
Basically, the problem in solving gun violence is of course tougher gun laws. However, such gun laws will have to be enforced strongly by deploying police or any law enforcement agency to crack down on the black market. Of course the best way to reduce gun violence is through education by teaching people to do the correct things and even if people become mentally unstable, there would be little avenues for gun purchasing. Having said that, the crux of the issue is people obeying the law. If u are able to ensure that most people follow the law, it doesnt really matter if the entire population has guns cause they would be law abiding and not go around killing people. One good example would be Mexico which while it has tough gun laws, they are largely ignored or are easily bypassed which results in a huge number of deaths. Israel on the other hand has a limited number of gun users however these users are responsible and law-abiding so they have only used it on terrorist. having said all this, it will be a tough fight to lower the gun related deaths in USA but if u guys dont give up, i am sure that you will succeed sooner or later