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My name is Chetan Pinto and I believe ‘training has the power to change the world’. My experience tells me that a good trainer is one who can assist with both cognitive and emotional/behavioural improvements through simple and incremental positive habit changes. In other words the training shouldn’t be too easy or difficult but incremental or what I like to call the ‘+1 input’.

The training should ideally result in emotional/behavioral and psychological attitude changes through activities carefully designed towards unleashing curiosity and intrinsic motivation for long lasting positive improvements.

I’ve been able to successfully train several teams and individual get better at what they are doing by helping them identify their strengths, relate it with their passion and give them the confidence to actually accomplish the extraordinary things they always believed they were capable of but never really tried for a lack of positive reinforcement!

My training philosophy is essentially about establishing trust by -

Identifying what my trainees actually want to do- their strengths, interests and passion

Understanding their fears and insecurities holding them back from accomplishing their goals.

Designing positive habits that empower trainees to confidently accomplish their goals and also as a guidance system to rely on when they falter.

Some of my strategies include-

80/20 rule- Identifying a few things trainees could do right away to bring about the quickest change in the shortest possible time i.e unlocking empowerment!

Positive Reinforcement- Helping employees cope with the stressful environment by replacing negative behaviors with some positive ones- i.e Cognitive Behaviour Modification.

Helping them be more creative, happy and funny and adopting a more relaxed and positive attitude towards life. i.e. Workplace Delight!


Arabic, English, Hindi, Kannada

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Learning & Development, Soft Skills Development, Mentoring, Behavioral Training, Teacher Development for ELT, Blogging, Instructional Design & Delivery , Instructional Design & Technology, Business Writing and Presentations

An idea worth spreading

I’ve created a scalable template to quickly impart a minimalist version of Multiple Intelligences in the classroom that I hope will set the ball rolling for further teaching-learning transformation. I call it the ‘New Teaching Manifesto’. It’s still a work in progress. But we’ll get there sooner with your help. Join me! http://eduprentice.blogspot.com/p/new-teaching-manifesto_8.html

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Chetan Pinto
Posted over 1 year ago
Does the current TED Talk tagging system fully reflect the highly inter-disciplinary nature of Ted talks? Does it require social tagging?
You're right. TED's truly innovative. I truly feel TED - Ed initiative to flip videos is going to take on Khanacademy. I've mentioned it on my blog too. http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Eduprentice/~3/wh6cY2sm8YY/ted-ed-allows-teachers-create-mooc-like.html That's why I've also mentioned the social tagging initiative it could look at. As far as tagging Atul Gawande's talk goes, TED most definitley has missed the point though! Sorry to disagree there. It's clear from his talk, if you aren't convinced.