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Yadira Elezaj
Posted about 1 year ago
Solving gun violence in the US in today's insane political climate requires a solution that makes it painless for everyone.
The problem with violence is to complex. It is not just guns, it is a culture of violence that combined with a society full of intolerance, aggressiveness, drugs, gangs, illegal possession of weapons, political power grab, main stream media not acting like journalist and questioning authority, and promoting an agenda and giving so much publicity to all this attacks, making the mere act of appearing in the news making it appealing to obtain so much attention, and mental illness and the inability of treating it fully. Guns are tools that can be used for good or evil. They can kill in mass but they can save in mass too. There are already procedures to control who can own a gun and what training they have. There are no controls or training for criminal or crazy people. I think that somebody that decides to kill people can do it with a bottle, rags and gasoline, a box cutter (remember 911?), or even with their bare hands, but this stupid kids in their paranoia and violent rage remember what was done by other and how everybody saw it on tv, giving them the incentive to do something evil, taking revenge for whatever they thing had been done to them, and at the same time be famous and memorable. If the principals or teachers in any of this school attacked had a gun themselves they could have prevented a lot of deads. In crime ridden areas crime goes down when legal gun ownership goes up. The second amendment is a blessing in america. You do not know it until it is taken away and you are in a position of danger bycriminals or goverment. It can happen, just think Venezuela or the middle east. The government is going to try to control it's people more and more. They are not going to waste a crisis. But the solution is not in controlling law abiding citizens, it is in controlling the messages of violence in media and videogames, illegal guns, crime, face time of attackers on tv. Letting people defend themselves and get trained armed people in schools and areas of danger.