Tsvetan Ivanov

Volunteer, Club "K7" - Veliko Tarnovo
Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

About Tsvetan


I'm university student, studying social pedagogy. Also I'm a volunteer in Club "K7" - prevention and control of HIV / AIDS in the highest risk age group 14 -24 years. I find all knowedge usefull and inspirational. I am interested in art in general and it's effect on our daily lives, mentality, being, education, the way art helps a person to develop and "grow up". One of my goals is to show the importance of art and aristic education in the process of education and sociolisaton of the kids. All in all I want to help solving as much social problems as I can in the hope of making society better and the people - together. The human mind is one of the most interesting existing and none existing things for me. Psychology is a passion for me and is also one of the most helpfull things for me in the field I want to develop. I'm also interested in the invironmental issues and try to be as much supportive, as I can.


Bulgarian, English

An idea worth spreading

A quote of Giorgio de Chirico : "To become truly immortal, a work of art must escape all human limits: logic and common sense will only interfere. But once these barriers are broken, it will enter the realms of childhood visions and dreams".

I'm passionate about

Creation. This is the most facinating human process of all. Another passion for me are the kids and working with them, one of the things I set as my goal. They are the feature of our world!

Talk to me about

Anything you want. I like to open my mind and talk about any kind of topic.

People don't know I'm good at

Writing and drawing.

Favorite talks

Comments & conversations

Tsvetan Ivanov
Posted about 2 years ago
How to solve the problem of vandalism?
Vandalism always has it's reasons, every human action has it's reasons. Most of the cases it's conflicts that are not adressed in the right ways. There is no universal solution, every case has it's own solution. If you dont see the reason for this act of vandalism you need to gether more information, also this is a way to see a solution.
Tsvetan Ivanov
Posted over 2 years ago
If you could correct one mistake you made in life, which would it be?
Mistakes are kind of misunderstood these days. From schhool to our daily lives most people see the mistakes as something terrible. Yes, a mistake can do damage, we may have to take responsibility for them, but I see the mistakes we do as one of the greatest learning tools. In short - as everybody I did some things wrong, but I'd like to keep them that way together with the lessons I learned.