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Dutch, English, German

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A wide variety of things, science, gadgets, web media, life itself and not in the last place Christianity.

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Almost everything. As long as it is well-argued and just some irrational thought or idea.

People don't know I'm good at

A lot of things, I have a wide variety of interests and my knowledge of those things is above average.

My TED story

TED gives me the opportunity to just sit back and enjoy hearing someone talk about subjects I'm interested in, rather than reading a book or a website article about it. It also gives me the opportunity to help other people out by translating the talks I like into Dutch. TED is not just infotainment for me, it's about knowledge, sharing it and gathering peoples views and opinions.

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Rick Lanting
Posted about 5 years ago
James Randi: Homeopathy, quackery and fraud
I do agree with James Randi here. There are more important things in life to worry about or to take care of, but these so-called psychics need to stopped. They're brainwashing people by making them believe in this nonsense. In a way, what James Randi says, is something I've always said to people I know. These tv shows they have are based on nothing. In The Netherlands we have Char, an American person who's also very good at that name hunting game. If she - or anyone else for that matter - could really talk to or communicate with the dead, then why make a stupid game out of it. It's almost like horoscopes, if you want to believe it, you can twist it any way you like to find something 'useful' in it.