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Petr Frish
Posted 10 months ago
Do you want a united Europe?
I see we are in minority: I want United Europe. The current 'state of the union' is not perfect, perhaps even not good, but it is perfectible. There is no law nature to say that big union has to have big bureaucracy. We have it now (I am in EU :-), and it is not responsive and there is hardly any sensible discussion forum (as far as I know). Those are the tasks ahead. EU will be and should be different from US. There will be and will continue to be different languages, nations, traditions. But there is no reason for not having common currency, ability to travel and seek employment and have some useful union-wide institutions which work, such as (for example) FDA in USA. If a medicine works in Germany and Italy, will - it will probably work in Poland and Spain. There is lot opportunities and tasks here. Lets make it work !
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Petr Frish
Posted about 1 year ago
Jessa Gamble: Our natural sleep cycle
By natural light she means sunlight, but spectrum of the light (LED vs fluorescent ..) is not important. But fire or cadle are different, less useful. Your biorythm is not rigid, it adjust to these external 'Zeitgabers' . For other animals, night animals, light is still determining rythm, but animals have different phase of activity relative to light inensity. If you are transported to a planet with diurnal cycle of 25 hours, your rythm will become 25 hours. It just tame couple of days, same as adjustment of phase after a jet lag.