About Abhishek


After completing Bachelors in Civil Engineering from Bengal Engineering and Science university Shibpur, I worked for about 34 months with Civil Engineering consultancies in the field of Hydro power and Water Resources. My last company was URS Corporation. Afterwards I decided to complete MBA and currently I am pursuing Post Graduate Program in Management from IIM Raipur. My academic career has been a promising one with several accolades and achievements. Right from my college, I have been associated with extra curricular activities such as Rotaract, which is the youth wing of Rotary International. I revived Rotaract Club of Calcutta Lansdowne and became the president of that club. As a president, I organized several events in the field of Community Service, Social Service, International Service etc.


Bengali, English, Hindi

Areas of Expertise

management consultancy, Financial Management, Operation Management , Civil Engineering

An idea worth spreading

Ideas don’t strike when you think about it, it is a moment, a fraction of second, a flash of light, a ring of a bell and aha there is a brilliant idea. No matter how much one forces himself or herself and tries to jot down everything on the pen or paper, the ultimate idea come only at the most unusual places, whether it’s the Archimedes bathroom or sitting below an apple tree. The ideas that have the capability to change the world, that give meaning to a person’s life, the idea that you know in your heart is the best no matter what others say you just want to pursue it to completion. But the story doesn’t end there, what follows is the strength, the courage, the optimism and most importantly the belief to pursue the idea.

I'm passionate about

Organizing and participating in various events, interacting with people, writing and quotation collection, reading books.

Talk to me about

Facts and figures, motivating others, organizing events, idea generation

People don't know I'm good at

strategy development, coffee making, writing.

My TED story

I, while organizing a TEDx event, thus want to nurture the spark of Idea. Idea always has the capability of changing the world and creating meaning to someone’s life. The main objective of organizing this TEDx event is to gather illustrative speakers from all corners of living and to share their experiences about the wonderful journey called life. I believe that from all the discussion and sharing in the TEDx event, we will be able to rethink and reshape the happenings of tomorrow.
I would like to share such stories of ideas, dreams, aspirations and fulfilling dreams, stories of the moments when ideas strike and people madly pursue their passions to the end. The world will be a better place for those people who believe in ideas, ideas which are worth sharing and worth caring.