Tristian Ordaz

Hesperia, CA, United States

About Tristian


I'm honestly just a guy that enjoys many of the simplicities of life. Though I'm a bit young, I try to strive in any way I can to make a change. I believe a revolution is within our reaches and it is up to the youth to grasp it. I tend to be extremely open minded and love hearing about other people's beliefs; I suppose it's because I believe in some weird form of fate, myself. Another one of my beliefs is that so long as "it" is making a beautiful statement, it can be considered art.. be it literature, performance, painted, sculpted, or merely spoken words.



I'm passionate about

I believe that equality is the catalyst to progression. So long as we continue to oppress-not only each other, but our ideas- we will endlessly stay in this barren state of stagnation.

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