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priyanka mj
Posted over 2 years ago
How can we bring about true gender equality?
What are your thoughts on the root causes of this? that by nature woman and man are suppose to play different roles...they are equal however they need to be in a team...they specialize in different aspects of life 2) Do you believe it is something we should change? i dont think so....what we should change is the respect given to each other should be equal. for example a housewive do a lot of hardwork to maintain the house and the working man do alot to maintain the house by means of th emoney he the man shouldnt think being a housewive is a lower job....but i personally dont belive in forcing women to go out and work...because in that situation we lose more than we gain...we have to both take care of the house and also work...while the man just go to work and cant do housework properly...and its actually natural that man have the need to be the dominant...u cant change dat its natural... 3) Do you believe it is something we can change? not until u can actually see a guy with a skirt without laughing at him 4) What will it take to bring about true gender equality? well operate all the man to be women or all operate all the woman to become man...u know transgender do it for everyone then its possible