Ron Finley

Head Trouble Maker, The Ron Finley Project
Beverly Hills, CA, United States

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Ron Finley grows a nourishing food culture in South Central L.A.s food desert by planting the seeds and tools for healthy eating. Finley's vision for a healthy, accessible food forest started with the curbside veggie garden he planted in the strip of dirt in front of his own house. When the city tried to shut it down, Finley's fight gave voice to a larger movement that provides nourishment, empowerment, education -- and healthy, hopeful futures -- one urban garden at a time.

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TEDActive 2014, TED2013

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Ron Finley
Posted 6 months ago
Ron Finley: A guerilla gardener in South Central LA
Dear Susan, I'm no longer associated with green ground. I came up with the concept and formed the group but grew tired of the politics and meeting. When I did this TED Talk I was no longer with the group. It was a olive branch to them. I've started the Ron Finley Project this has taken the message of Design Your Own Life around the world.