Ileana Mondragon Garcia

Freelance translator and writer
Mexico City, Mexico

About Ileana


I am a Biologist with a MSc in Cell Biology but have a lifelong romance with literature and language.


English, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

Biological Sciences, Science Communication

An idea worth spreading

For societies to progress and be peaceful, ALL people, must have the unalienable right to a dignified living be it through a decent education, work and workplace, salary, and a sense of self worth that allows people to be equally important, be it a janitor, a teacher, a CEO or the president. As a society we are all important, we all have a place to fill, the whole world wouldn't run if we all were doctors or lawyers or popstars. Respect, tolerance and appreciation of each other's role in society is key to achieve harmony.

I'm passionate about

Science, technology, education, books, music and human rights.

Talk to me about

anything, everything

People don't know I'm good at

salsa dancing and cooking

My TED story

I stumbled upon TED casually when I was browsing youtube videos of James Watson (discoverer of the DNA structure). I was instantly attracted to the talk and was intrigued by the TED sign on the stage and before I knew it I had already binge-watched over 12 talks. A couple of years later I learned about the Open Translation Project, I had recently received my diploma for specialized translator and decided to put my recent techniques to use. It got me hooked. Afterwards I joined several of the organizing TEDx teams in Mexico City (TEDxIztapalapa, TEDxMexicoCity, my own University TEDxUNAM) and now I feel the incredible satisfaction of integrating TEDxCuauhtémoc as part of my everyday life

Favorite talks

Comments & conversations

Ileana Mondragon Garcia
Posted over 1 year ago
Elizabeth Loftus: How reliable is your memory?
Man! this is mind-blowing! How are you able to trust with confidence your own memory when it is such a vulnerable thing? And how terribly dangerous it is to posit this thesis. I get the relevance of the need to debunk manipulated or deceiving memories but then what may real victims of say sexual abuse, trauma, stressful events, accidents could address to seek justice or closure? It is so difficult! The mind is such a mysterious thing...
Ileana Mondragon Garcia
Posted about 2 years ago
Diane J. Savino: The case for same-sex marriage
I was so touched by this speech not only by the sensitivity towards common right . The religious agenda of maintaining a certain marriage structure should apply only to those who profess that religion and adhere to the moral code (religion as institution not the philosophy). Why should theological moral and ethics MUST be forced upon people who do not share such beliefs? The fundamental principle of "we are all equal" MUST apply to every side of human experience.
Ileana Mondragon Garcia
Posted over 2 years ago
Shane Koyczan: To This Day ... for the bullied and beautiful
"We are not what we are being called" So powerful, so true, to this day I feel my adult life has been shaped by what I was called and by what I thought of myself. Sometimes the biggest bully can be yourself. Acceptance and self-appreciation are things that stay out of the curricula but that should be cared for. So powerful. So true.