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Chicago, IL, United States

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Like the more than 133 million Americans facing long-term medical conditions, I am on a seemingly insurmountable journey. I invite you to join me in transforming illness into a state of wholeness and inner wellness, as we thrive in the midst of medical adversity.


English, Ukrainian

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Motivating and Inspiring, Wellbeing , Wellness

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Please visit the TEDx Talk "Why I Smile at Pain": Tools of wellbeing are here for each of us anytime we are choose to implement them, no matter our circumstances. We elect wellbeing. We cultivate robustness. We CHOOSE to transcend.

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Empowering people to transcend medical adversity.

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Chronic Wellness in the midst of Chronic Illness

My TED story

Talk Title: "Why I Smile at the Pain" about transcending illness. For 27 years, I have been stumbling and dancing with medical adversity. A life-threatening condition is not an obstacle - it can be a path to freedom, allowing us to live naturally awake. Please visit me at the talk site and share your comments:

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Christina Danyluk
Posted 11 months ago
Eve Ensler: Suddenly, my body
Beautiful indeed, I agree. For me, Eve Ensler, is speaking to the horror which happens to many when the body seemingly turns on the body's inhabitant, such as can occur in a grave life-threatening medical condition. Eve Ensler's talk touched my spirit in a profound way. Her words resonate with so many, giving a voice to the truth that many could not speak. Thank you Eve Ensler for sharing yourself so openly, bravely, passionately, and fervently.
Christina Danyluk
Posted about 1 year ago
Is technology really helping us or hurting us?
I agree with you, that what we choose to implement can be viewed as a tool of technology. Like you said "Pencils and paper are technology". I seem to often be asking myself "is this tool I am using truly helpful to get the job done?". I find that sometimes implementing lower tech tools, the results can be highly effective by standing out a in a sea of new fangled gadgetry, to which many of us have grown habituated.