Guatemala, Guatemala

About LUIS


Young Guatemalan 25-year-old business manager who always looks better every day as a person and as a professional. Assistant Professor at the University of San Carlos of Guatemala, and administrative assistant at a firm of auditors. Believer that good communication leads to success all relationships. Dedicated 100% in all activities I undertake.

On a personal level, I am very quiet family. I prefer a small gathering with friends and family where we can enjoy a good drink and share common themes. Although sometimes you need a party of madness. Proud of my country, my people and my family.

Areas of Expertise


An idea worth spreading

I have in mind two ideas:

1. That should not exist "borders" between countries, but simply develop certain rules that allow all of us to be free in the world.

2. Among human beings we should help each other, not thinking about religion, race, nationality etc. If we were all honest and we relied to each other, this world would be a better world.

I'm passionate about

Definitely I love all the themes of inspiration, politics and especially as they relate to children, and society development.

People don't know I'm good at

I'm good at building relationships with people I just met, I think it is always interesting to meet new people that bring something to your life.

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