Timothy Machasio

Fellow at ALAMedia, ALAMedia
Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

About Timothy


African Leadership Academy, Johannesburg, South Africa September 2012- Present

Alliance High School, Kikuyu, Kenya January 2008- August 2012

Duka Bora- Johannesburg, South Africa November 2012- Present
Marketing Assistant, ALA student- run enterprise
• Carried out customer satisfaction surveys
• Worked as hostel agent for ‘Mini Duka Bora’
• Suggested and implemented stock diversification at the tuck shop

ALAMedia- Johannesburg, South Africa November 2012- Present
Editor, ALA student- run global media network
• Oversaw the student life blog (alaian.blog.com) migration to a new domain
• Edited English pieces for publishing on the student life blog

Chama Cha Kiswahili- Johannesburg, South Africa September 2012- Present
Founding President, ALA Kiswahili Club
• Facilitated weekly meetings with 20+ club members
• Offered free Swahili tutoring for interested students

A.L.A Wellness Department- Johannesburg, South Africa September 2012- Present
Health Assistant
• Oversaw two successful ‘Wellness Days’ at the African Leadership Academy

G47- Nairobi, Kenya May 2012- Present
Delegate, Luhyia tribe
• Worked alongside a group of 46 other youth to sensitize Kenyan youth on the importance of cross- tribal coexistence through public campaigns and street matches

A.H.S Red Cross Society- Kikuyu, Kenya October 2011- September 2012
Co- Founder/ Inaugural Secretary, Alliance High School Red Cross Society
• Successfully oversaw the first aid training of 30+ club members

Metropolitan Hotel- Eldoret, Kenya November 2011- January 2012
Receptionist, Family- owned business premises
• Implemented refurbishment of the hotel outlook
• Organized hotel advertisement on a local radio station (Radio Mambo)

Brooks School Exchange Programme- Boston, Massachusetts, USA April- June 2011
Representative, Kenya
• Created a network of peers interested in cultural exchange leading to the establishment of the International Exchange Committee in Alliance High School- which seeks to take advantage of the emerging trends in technology to create a virtual space for international socio- cultural exchange

A.H.S Business Club- Kikuyu, Kenya January- November 2010
Founding President, Alliance High School Investment/ Banking/ Entrepreneurship Club
• Created the ‘shareholder system’- where students invested their money in club business ventures (e.g. the sale of confectioneries) and dividends were paid out at the end of every month based on capital contribution and profits realized

International African Solidarity Festival- Walkerville, South Africa October 2012
Delegate, African Leadership Academy
• Partook in a series of debates concerning the role of the youth in determining Africa’s economic development

25th International Youth Leadership Conference- Prague, Czech Republic July 2013
Delegate, Kenya (Yet to attend)
• Will participate in a sequence of embassy visits and engage in group debates, panel discussions and presentations on world economics, international security, environmental sustainability, rule of law, ethical leadership and mass media

An idea worth spreading

Social entrepreneurship is the way to go. It is the only way possible in which the old- age rivalling parties of capitalism and communism can be amalgamated.

I'm passionate about

Social Entrepreneurship, Investment Banking and Corporate Law

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Politics, business and law. I am fascinated by these three things since I believe that they are the governing forces in any modern- day society.

People don't know I'm good at

Persuasive Public Speech and Journalistic Writing

My TED story

I am an Entrepreneurial Leader- One among the many emerging game changers who believe that the fusion between the capitalist economy and non- profit investment will be a global change catalyst.

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