shi yan liu

Las Vegas, NV, United States

About shi yan


I am a junior year student in University of Nevada in las vegas. I am majoring in mathematics and biology. I have planned to devote myself in these two seemingly contradictory areas. Because the first one is bewilderingly abstract and detached, and the sceond one is dispersively fact-based. However, from what i have learned by reading lots of philosophy and psychology and non-textbook science books, i have confirmed that knowledge is something that needs to be inter-bridged. There are no gaps between any field of knowledge if we understand its essence. Especially in areas such as bioinformatics, cybernetics, and complexity system and network study. Nature will always be the ultimate sovereignity to inspire the awe and sense of wonder out of me. And i know it takes effort to understand nature. I have reached this point in my life to devote myself in making friends with nature by learning about her, studying her, discovering her, and appreciating her. I am now currently applying a biomath research program in my university, and i have a pretty great shot to get in, after i get in, i plan to do lots of stuff to get more intimate on how biology works and how i can use the skills of mathematics to communicate with nature. Except all the above scientific frantic passion i have described, i also am obssessed with reading books in philosophy, science and psychology and memoirs. I think humanity works make me find deep conncetion with human beings' common expectations, fears, anxieties... i have found more clue on how to aim high in my science career in the future. I have learned the habit of drawing metaphor from how the nature works. I have commited to being a diligent life-long learner. And i wish i could inspire people by what i have acquired from others' ideas. I think sharing and inspiring are the essence of life. So, this is me, a life-long learner and a loyal friend of nature.

An idea worth spreading

I think in this more and more information-rich world, the most important value that we need to have is the constant willingless to learn and the relentless courage to accept our ignorance, and the little smartiness to find out the way to deal with our ignorance.

I'm passionate about

sharing ideas and wonders with other people, inspiring people, learning about different knowlege.

Talk to me about

how i could use my passion to let other people know more about ted talks!

People don't know I'm good at

I had scored 101 on IBT-TOEFL test when i was 18. (now i am 22). I am also speak monther-tongue Chinese. I am passionate about sharing brilliant ideas with others and let others be fulfilled.

My TED story

I am a crazy follower on TED talk since two years ago. I am grateful that "ted" grants me so many opportunities to be exposed to new and inspiring ideas every day, and implies me the right way to live, which is to live with ceaseless learning, inspiration, and sharing everyday. I always share with my friends on those ted talks that truly shock my hearts and tremble my mind, but whenever i want to share with my families who are still in China and could not understand English, i feel this huge pang of being covered on my mouth by a huge suffocating hand. The hand is called "language barrier". I want desperately to let them learn what those talkers are talking about in Ted, i want my Chinese friends and families to be friends with Ted! Be opened and expanded by Ted! I want to be part of translating teams to contribute to making this world more open and well-knowned.