Celeste Yin

Las Vegas, NV, United States

About Celeste


I'm a college student wanting to contribute to the betterment of society through my sheer power and through collaboration with other intelligent people. Arriving at the states 5 years ago with my parents, I have to come love the land of opportunities and am grateful for all that life offers me. I look forward to gaining knowledge of the world through reading, interacting with nature, data analysis on biological behaviors. Nature is an incredible source of inspirations, efficient working mechanisms, and breathtaking beauty. By applying what I learnt and will learn from nature, I believe there will be more effective models built with nature's logic.



Areas of Expertise

Cooking, reading

I'm passionate about

Reading, social studies, cooking, physiological mechanism behind individual & collective behaviors, discovering the world,

Talk to me about

biology, social studies, behavior psychology, food and cooking, beauty of nature, inspiring stories to change the world

People don't know I'm good at

staying up until morning to do things that fascinates me, expressing admiration and interest in food and cooking

My TED story

i stumbled on TED on Delicious.com while searching for worthy websites to browse. All the videos on this site are eye-opening and have led me to re-examine the world only to discover so many alluring aspects unknown to my little society. By sharing and discussing talks with friends I'm more stimulated and fond of the site and what it has to offer. Now I think it's time (though might be a bit overdue) for me to return the favor by participating in spreading the amazing ideas around the world. An individual with ambitions and goals might not be enough to change the way the entire society operates, but with the contributions of many of the alike individuals, a wave of change will eventually strike the shore and transform the world for the better.