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Kady Neill
Posted over 2 years ago
Direct popular vote should replace the Electoral College.
A direct popular vote, although somewhat daunting because I don't trust the majority of Americans, would represent the people's views. Although the electoral college system is a fair one, because whichever party wins in the state wins the electoral votes, (except Maine and Nebraska) people don't really care if the presidential candidate wins their state. Winning the entire election is a much bigger deal. However, because there is so much controversy with voter fraud, trying to account for every single person's vote could be one big mess. On the other hand, only about 50% of Americans actually do cast a vote, so even if a direct popular vote were enacted, would it really be accurate? Half of the country would be missing! Perhaps a direct popular vote would inspire people to vote because they may feel their vote now has more significance, rather than just accepting the fate of their state and not contributing to the political process. But who knows! All I really know is that without the Electoral College, Al Gore would have been President. Maybe he'll run again if we switch to a popular vote! FINGERS CROSSED!