Muhammad Arkandiptyo

Jakarta, Indonesia

About Muhammad


An ordinary high school student from Jakarta with extraordinary mind.
Passionate of Piano & Photography, Learning jazz with a touch of traditional Indonesian music.

Proudly member of PALABSKY (High School Adventuring Club) and LAMURU (Trash percussion community).

On his way to make a destiny out of dreams:
1) Young independent pianist and freelance photojournalist, travelling to document and interact with people and nature all around the globe
2) After a life-making experience of travelling, becoming a mature social entrepreneur on how to cultivate economical and moral impact of traditional cultures, blending with modernity on the societies of developing countries especially Indonesia.

For a reason....
To leave an impact of his life in history that will improve the life of many


English, French, Indonesian

Areas of Expertise

Thinker, Dreaming big, Improvisation (Music), Piano (rough but fun)

An idea worth spreading


People agree, that when you give yourself out with all your own best self, the world will be a better one. But it is such an idealistic dialogue that could be easily broken down by any of today's world's problems.
But the idea of 'becoming the best of ourselves' to present the world a different and better ideas and point of views of the world itself is never wrong. In fact in macro scale, it could make a huge impact
In macro scale, I mean nations, states, countries, ethnic entities.
And how would that be possible with each nation or state having such a diverse background of people?

Unite them under a banner that each person can identify themselves with; Culture.

Generally speaking, The economic boom of South Korea & Japan are perhaps the best example of how when a state cultivate a culture it can bring a huge success.

But again, it is still driven by capital, by market
The question - how could it be, driven by and for the people.

I'm passionate about

Piano, Jazz, Ethnic Indonesian music, Photography, Short movies, Travelling, Backpacking, Mountaineering, Diving, Soccer, Street food (hawkers!), Economics, generating ideas for a better Indonesia

Talk to me about

Cultural diversity of Indonesia & the developing countries, Jakarta Urban jazz music, social phenomenon of youth life in Indonesian urban cities (esp. Jakarta)

People don't know I'm good at

1) Dreaming. Yeah, dreaming big about Indonesia.

Comments & conversations

Muhammad Arkandiptyo
Posted over 1 year ago
If you could jump in to the future and see one thing for yourself now, what would that be ?
And the other question is not just 'when'.... I remembered just a week ago, in the wake of 8 years remembrance of the Aceh Tsunami that devastated the Aceh province and the Western coast of Sumatra in my country Indonesia, lots of interviews and analysis have been broadcasted over the TV channels, radios and YouTube about this particularly great disaster that brought many change to Indonesian life.... from how it triggers the Aceh Peace Agreement, how Indonesians manage their local wisdom and the modern technology to be preventive against a natural disaster situation.... One of the most important things that puts me in great conscience of the essence in your country Afghanistan, as well as mine Indonesia, as well as other developing countries with conflict.... is not just how to get to peace. But how to give a peace solution that can LAST FOR A LONG TIME. A sustainable peace for generations. That is the key.