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Marc Bonf Schneider
Posted over 2 years ago
If you could jump in to the future and see one thing for yourself now, what would that be ?
Although it would be nice to see something about the future at large, I think that after thinking a little longer most of us would choose something where the knowledge of the future would change our present actions. Knowledge whether peace will come to Afghanistan or if humanity survives will probably not change your present actions or your future life too much. Knowing next weeks lottery numbers most certainly will. Knowing who you will fall in love with will not change your choice of partner, knowing whether you will be happy after 20 years of marriage will. As for the question of Afghanistan, the question is not 'if' but 'when'. Currently there are still too many powerful people that fear that they will lose power if there is peace (clan leaders etc.). To change that Afghanistan will a large number of people that believe that they will be better off if there is peace - the internet would help to connect the people to form a large group. But it is just as important to get people to believe that there is prosperity in peace. Afghanistan is surrounded by countries that have peace (at least on the surface) but have little prosperity, so that doesn't help. I'd say that in the wake of the economic upswing after the arab spring some surrounding countries should get significantly whelthier, providing a perspective and a trade opportunity for their neighbours. I'd say sometime after 2030, but I'm no expert.