Lorenzo Ciacciavicca

Filmmaker/Director, Roots & Routes International
Firenze, Italy

About Lorenzo


Lorenzo Ciacciavicca is a film and theatre director and author. Living and working in the Florence area, Italy, his work has always been based on cinema and its connection to society and politics as an artistic language. In communication meant as a fundamental part of the human being.

"I've been training and educating myself to cinema since I was around fifteen or sixteen years old - starting from my previous experiences in theatre - I wrote my first films and produced them by myself with my friends and actually learned all the basic stuff on my own. During a period of time when I was focusing on my on education as cinephile and on the development of a philosophical, social and political thought - which is still in progress and I think it will always be - I had chances to buy my own equipment and to work as a filmmaker and shoot more films. I worked on different topics during the last years - as writer, director and collaborated in many projects - trying always to follow a personal line of thought and artistic style and trying to develop all of this in my way of living and sharing."

2009 - "Per questa volta almeno sarò la tua libertà" [Filmed at "Urban Media Festival in Cologne with the support of Roots & Routes International association]
2010 - "Scholé" [Installation made in Certaldo (Florence) about Education]
2011 - "Prendi questo valzer" [One minute stop motion animation film selected at Videominuto shortfilmfestival in Prato]
2011 - "Ouverture" [Filmed and produced at "shnit International Shortfilmfestival in Cologne" winner of REALTIME contest]
2012 - "Far Point" [Short Film made for the "SCI-FI-LONDON 48 Hour Film Challenge.]
2012 - "A FILM to be told" [documentary about the project "to be told" made in Florence in March]


English, Italian, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

Cinema, Theatre, Politics (social systems), Arts & culture

An idea worth spreading

Fear and Hope — those are the names of the two great passions which rule the race of man, and with which revolutionists have to deal; to give hope to the many oppressed and fear to the few oppressors, that is our business; if we do the first and give hope to the many, the few must be frightened by their hope; otherwise we do not want to frighten them; it is not revenge we want for poor people, but happiness; indeed, what revenge can be taken for all the thousands of years of the sufferings of the poor?

(William Morris - Signs of Change, 1888)

I'm passionate about

The idea that the world could be changed. I've been trying a bit to do that with Art. I could see thatsome things are possible to achieve - so maybe trying more would make clear that everything is.

Talk to me about

Political systems, Art, Cinema, Ecology, Change and Human beings.

People don't know I'm good at

Finding connections.

Favorite talks

Comments & conversations

Lorenzo Ciacciavicca
Posted over 2 years ago
Is God energy?
Hi Toby I would suggest you this talk: http://www.ted.com/talks/richard_dawkins_on_militant_atheism.html and to read the book from Richard Dawkins "The God Delusion" It is really inspiring and important to reflect on that with solid bases like these. Happy new year Lorenzo
Lorenzo Ciacciavicca
Posted over 2 years ago
What is your new year's purpose to get the world in a better shape?
As Fritzie asked me I'm turning the question on myself. I think I'm going to continue following what I was starting this year, trying to define a line of work in what I do, so Cinema. I'm working on some projects and I'm trying to find ways to use ideas for the common-wealth and social change. I'll try to write, to get informed, to communicate and to discuss things with everybody really. It is big I know, but I'm sure of starting from little things that can give great achievements as they did for myself in the past.
Lorenzo Ciacciavicca
Posted over 2 years ago
Aaron Huey: America's native prisoners of war
I think this speech is amazingly important, I already saw the article with Aaron's pictures on National Geographic. This topic is not known so much here in Italy. I've been getting informed in these past months and trying to talk about it around and nobody seems to know anything about this. I hope that at least in the USA people know something about it but I have serious doubts that it is known as it should be. This is something that does not surprise me or anybody I guess - for USA being the most corrupted thought and devastating country on the planet since lots of decades. Give the Black Hills back to Lakotas immediatly and try to do something respectful for human kind at least on your own national ground. (just to make it clear I'm talking about governamental policies and not about american people, that's the reason why I think that there is still a bit of hope)