Dheeraj Thedijje

B.tech Computer Science Student, Shivalik institute of Engineering and Technology
Faridabad, New Delhi Ncr, India

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I am hungry for new ideas and love to explore the new topic than can change the human thinking. Like i find in each TED talk, world of my knowledge is become wider and wider. i am computer loving student, love internet, technology including computing in any scene.


English, Hindi

Areas of Expertise

Engineering, Computer Sciecne and engineering

An idea worth spreading

Making technology work for everyone in positive scene but not for communication always.

I'm passionate about

Technology, Computer, Communication system, Social Media, Internet, and future life in technology, i love to discuss and knowing about them. My dream is working at Google as Engineer!

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Technology, new ideas, Questions related to Technology and human mind.

People don't know I'm good at

Flirting, dating, and Friendship

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Dheeraj Thedijje
Posted over 1 year ago
Who benefits most with access to your information?
Specially those who have tie ups with ad company or spamming mail agencies, they sell your data to them and after that you get targeted ads on site and even get bunch of mails in your inbox, ever checked your spam folder, they find your mail address from such trackers, want to track them i have an article on my blog How to track the tracker who keep tracking your activity and access your data.