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Parinita Gupte
Posted over 2 years ago
How about a VIRTUAL classroom?
In my undergraduate degree, I remember taking a unit that was based entirely online. Our class interacted with each other, and with our lecturer, through a program called Second Life. Within Second Life, we were able to attend lectures, go on excursions, speak with each other, complete group assignments, and even hang out with each other. A virtual classroom is the perfect way to connect with people from around the globe. Real education is not confined by boundaries, and within a virtual environment we are able to take inquiry learning to the next level. It is a way to inspire students to think creatively, to build networks, and to find their own niche in the world. The perfect classroom? Be it physical or virtual, in a jungle or a room surrounded by books; for me, it is simply one that inspires students, and gives them the tools to become active global citizens.