About Susanna


Coach, trainer and motivational speaker with international communications experience from employee engagement to project management to training workshops and more. Sports wise, a competitive dressage rider aiming for internationals.

A believer that happiness fuels performance and success, both in personal and professional lives. Interested in helping you reach your goals through a happy, balanced life.

Ready to change the world by:
1. Helping people develop & grow
2. Coaching for success
3. Creating happier workplaces
4. Doing work that matters
5. Designing beautiful experiences
6. Challenging the status quo

Areas of Expertise

Coaching , Speaking - Motivational, Consulting - Bringing the best out of employees, Training people & facilitating workshops, Writing - About happiness, fulfilment & performance

An idea worth spreading

Happiness fuels success and not the other way around. Life is too short to think about fulfilling your dreams later - you know never know when it's the end! Go for your dreams each and everyday as that's what makes life worthwhile. You can watch my TEDx talk on how you can do this by living a life full of passion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_R236_kTYTs

I'm passionate about

People choosing to bring out the passion that's inside of them! Living life with passion brings out the best in you and the world wants to and deserves to see you at your best.

People don't know I'm good at

Riding horses - I've been doing it since I was 9 & I compete with Olympic ambitions.

Favorite talks

Comments & conversations

Susanna Halonen
Posted 29 days ago
Isabel Allende: How to live passionately—no matter your age
Totally love this talk - she's so inspirational! :) I'm very much into passion as the Happyologist and what I discovered through my research on passion is very similar to what she said about living passionately, especially when she spoke about freedom, vulnerability and energy. I did a TEDx talk about it earlier this year, feel free to have a peek if you're curious: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_R236_kTYTs ;)
Susanna Halonen
Posted over 1 year ago
How will travel change local places in the future?
It's a tough one! One way is definitely celebrating what is local by showing that the culture/country/people identify themselves with it and it's a part of who they are. Local traditions, holidays and celebrations should incorporate these things into their activities so the people locally (as well as tourists visiting) remember to appreciate the local treasures. Another way could be to use what's local as selling points in tourism as this way it continues appreciated as well. But there's a fine line here because we don't want excess tourism to destroy the local treasures and end up commercialising them fully. Maybe the solution here could be to celebrate what's local through exclusive tourism arrangements i.e. not mainstream but more premium? Then there's always government subsidies for local businesses/activities to help keep some things, that are no longer self-sustaining but still an important part of the culture, alive.
Susanna Halonen
Posted over 1 year ago
How will travel change local places in the future?
The future of local is a fusion of what's global and has always been local. In today's interconnected world it's impossible to ignore the big multinational brands who can be found almost anywhere and just like with everything, there are pros & cons to that. What matters most to me is being able to keep what's local alive and carefully allowing the global things to be involved in the "local mix". Big brands taking over little villages by bringing in massive superstores and putting small, family-owned, decades old shops out of business is a crime. A solution needs to be created for this but I'm not sure what it is. It would be a shame for us to travel the world and everywhere we land life is the same. But then again I don't think that extreme will never realise though somehow a balance needs to be created. When I visit Paris I cringe when I see Starbucks or McDonalds because what I love about Paris are the boutique cafes and local cuisine. But then again the French locals might like the takeaway culture that's Starbucks brought (which I love back home in London) and the occasional quick burger (Let's face it, burgers are amazing though I opt for home-made burgers!). The different cultures that exist around the world are unique, strong and often celebrated. And it's these celebrations that we need to keep alive as it's the different uniquenesses around the world that drive innovation, creativity and makes life interesting. I think these are also the things which drive progress and innovation in the world. Carlos Santana once said - “One day there will be no borders, no boundaries, no flags and no countries and the only passport will be the heart.” I love this quote on a philosophical sense - that in the end we are all human, we are all one and we are all striving for progress together. I also think the heart has the power to bring us together through elements of passion, compassion and empathy. In some ways, in some places, we are already there.