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gemma minda iso
Posted over 2 years ago
Women in combat?
"Some believe that most women may not be able to carry the heavy backpack and weapons; and that lowering standards to accomodate more women would diminish the effectiveness of the army." I'd like to address this first -- although it is true that most women are physically frail compared to men, it does not follow that they wouldnt be able to carry the heavy backpacks and weapons that they are supposed to carry. Precisely the reason why they underwent training in the first place, that was to prepare them physically so that they acquire the stamina and the necessary strength to withstand everything. Second point, there is no logic in lowering the standards in order to accommodate women in the army. Any lowering of standards could diminish the effectiveness of anything. As to chivalry -- well, why should the men be distracted? they should not, if they went to the army to serve their country then that's all they have to keep in mind. Whoever they are with during combat is immaterial and incidental. Threat of being raped -- that is something that women should be ready at --whether they are in combat or not -- however, they have been trained and prepared for any eventuality -- whether combat-related or not -- so they should face it with courage and aplomb.