Louie Andrade

Student - Mathematics
Morgan Hill, CA, United States

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I started out having a passion in sociology, however,



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Mathematics, Music composer / performer , Native Culture

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Fire is an interesting element. On one hand, if played with, fire may grow out of control, causing a terrible blaze. On the other hand, fire that is feared simply dies out. Having a great deal of respect for it, as well as no fear for it, however will cause a balance which will help an individual stay warm. Life is no different. If one is foolish and has no respect for life, they tend to pass on younger than they should have. In order to live, we must take energy from animals, who receive energy from plants, who receive energy from the sun. Our living requires death, yet our deaths bring back nutrients to the organisms which we received energy from. People assume concepts like the symbol of Tao (Yin and Yang) means “Peace”, but that’s only half of it. With peace comes war, with love comes hate, with creation there is destruction, and where there is life, there is death. Once we can acknowledge that life is not just good or bad, we can learn more about our selves for what we really are.

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Mathematics, philosophy, psychology, botany, are but a few passions of mine.What led me here, furthermore, is my interest in native studies and how various religions, beliefs, and symbols coincide.

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Philosophy, mathematics, science, technology, physics.

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Louie Andrade
Posted over 2 years ago
Should we feel gratitude for our life? To whom?
Gratitude depends on each individual. What we direct our gratitude towards, in a realistic sense, is exactly the same. What we visualize it as is completely different. Some people are grateful to their God/Gods, some show gratitude towards energy and probability etc. Regardless of religion, it seems safe to say a good portion, if not all, forms of gratitude involves an outcome, probability. Whether it is "God" controlling probability or "mathematics" predicting it etc. I personally prefer a scientific representation, however, this is not the reality we all have gratitude towards, but representation is the key word. What exists and happens simply exists and happens as it is. The assumption one person is correct is as ridiculous as saying there is a superior language that can represent a tree in their language. Although some may be more true to the reality, it isn't the tree that is being described. To summarize, all people show gratitude towards probability and outcomes as well as those we represent controlling them.