Dennis Stacey

AXYS Technologies Inc.
Victoria, Bc, Canada

About Dennis


Founded, Run or Involved in Start-ups / Companies:

WanderPort Communications and Media - Wireless Networks and Services
WanderPort Wireless Inc : Invented the WanderPod (remote emergency broadband and network access system) which we showcased at the Ansari X Prize launch of Space Ship One
Webware Solutions Inc. - Software Development , Developer Tools
Digital Stock Media Inc. - Stock Media Distributor

Media and the Arts:

Tiny Door Ltd. - Arts and Media R&D Labs
Seven Envies Press - Private Label Press with a small roster of influential and rising Canadian poets / writers


English, French

Areas of Expertise

Poetry, Words , entrepreneurship, perseverance, Learning Fast, Chocolate, Marketing + Communications, sales

An idea worth spreading

That "The elixir is hidden in the poison." ~ Rumi

I'm passionate about

My family - my children.
Honest exploration

Talk to me about

Where Consciousness meets Physics.
Poets, Poetry and Poems -
about the linqui-nauts
Your Adventures
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Dennis Stacey
Posted almost 4 years ago
Conversation with Simon Lewis: How do we make the most of our Consciousness?
Hi Simon, There has been a lot of words written about the varying "levels consciousness" that argue, in essence, that people can be trained up into higher levels of conscious awareness if exposed to the right info / method. What do you make of the notion of individuals operating at higher and or lower levels of consciousness? Is there a way to "level up" that suits all people, everywhere? Thanks, Dennis