Sara Miotto

Valdobbiadene, Italy

About Sara


I am an Italian born and I grew up in a small wine village in the North East of Italy. I have always had an interest in discovering new things and realities, as well as an "international spirit" which led me to be naturally fascinated by other languages and cultures. Specifically, I started studying English when I was very young, followed by French and German that I studied both at the high school and at college. In fact, I chose to specialize in foreign languages and culture (American and German) at university with the goal of learning them directly in those foreing countries. As a matter of fact, I spent my whole MA program abroad: the first year in the UK at the University of Leeds, and the second in the USA, at the University of Central Oklahoma. Those experiences were eye-opening because it taught me, not only from a theoretic point of view, but also practically, how to study and understand another culture. I think this is very important in nowadays world that is getting smaller and more connected. I believe that having an idea of how people from a different country think and act is crucial for many aspects, among which market, culture, international relations, politics... These are the fields in which I hope to find a job, as, currently, I just graduated and finished my MA studies. My goal for the future is to "stay connected" to different realities as much as I can so that the world can be a smaller (thus, comprehensible) place from a personal perspective.


English, French, German, Italian

Areas of Expertise

Literature & Culture, Journalism, International Relations, Political science and American government

I'm passionate about

Different languages and cultures (I have an MA in American studies), international relations, politics, literature and arts in general, sports, animals.

My TED story

As I said in my BIO information, I love knowing new things about any field and always keeping up to date with what is going on around the world. This is why I think that TED goals and ideas are the most valuable and useful for anybody. I first learned about TED a couple of years ago through a friend and ever since I couldn't stop checking it out regularly. This is also why I decided to become a contributor through translating TED videos into Italian and French, in the hope that its ideas will truly spread and reach the highest number of people in the world.