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Atticus Carnell
Posted over 2 years ago
Blame the Chinese or Hate the Indians?
I would say that it's not fair to blame JUST the Chinese or Indians. The point that the west doesn't take into account the fact that other countries produce much of what they use is valid - instead of pointing fingers, the United States, Britain, etc. should realize that they have a considerable degree of control over the environmental practices of eastern countries, as the primary consumers of their goods. For example, there has been considerable backlash against Apple in the United States, because of their relationship with Foxconn. Enough people in the United States are at a point where they are willing to boycott or petition a company because of their labor practices. Apple has realized this and has recently taken action, attempting to curb some of Foxconn's unfair treatment of workers making iPhones, etc. However, the people of the west as a whole aren't, at this point, willing to give up the inexpensive products of companies that use poor environmental practices to cut costs. Therefore, I agree that it's unfair to put the blame entirely on China and India. Nonetheless, I think that a degree of blame does, indeed, fall on the governments of China and India for not enforcing their own environmental laws. This is, at least in part, due to the corruption that is rampant in these places. It's the job of these country's governments to enforce their environmental laws, just as it's important for the people of the United States, etc. to realize that they have a distinct role in the fact that companies are willing to break these laws. Overall, I guess what I'm trying to say is that fingers shouldn't be pointed in either direction, and until we stop the finger pointing, we won't be able to truly solve this problem. When we talk about the environment, especially in terms of CO2 emissions and global warming, we are talking about a global issue. It's going to take worldwide self-awareness, and in turn effort, to change the direction that we, as a species, are going.