Hugo Ribeiro

President, Adamastor
Viseu, Portugal

About Hugo


After having finished the Law University, in 2004 I started the Master in Criminal Investigation and started also the training was a Lawyer.

During the university I founded the group ELSA (European Law Students Association) at my university and became Vice-President of ELSA Portugal (European Law Students Association), was Coordinator of the Students Association and President of the Commission of Course of Law.

In the beginning of 2005 with some friends we founded Adamastor.
Adamastor is a non-profit cultural association, founded on January 28, 2005. Has as its mission the exchange of individuals, mostly young people, at EU and third countries, to promote training, support and technical expertise,artistic and cultural activities, social and political awareness as well as putting them together with institutions, companies and other entities to encourage and support integration of these individuals in the labour market.

Started to work in 2007 in training and consulting for the education sector at Globaladamastor as Director.
I became an expert in European Projects and Mobility Projects in Lifelong Learning Programme, Youth in Action, European Volunteer Service, Erasmus and others.

Looking to fill my gaps in human resources in 2008 I attended a certificated training course that gave me competences in training, selection and recruitment of human resources.

In 2009 I get the Certificate as Vocational Trainer. In the same year looking for new challenges I opened a new company divided six sectors: technical book store, editor, clinic, courses, events and business with goal to be more entrepreneur.

From November 2010 to February 2011 I taught Law at the Instituto Politecnico de Leiria to the Tourism course.

Areas of Expertise

Youth in Action, Youth Programs, Youth & Leadership development, Leonardo da Vinci, European Vocational Education & Training, Training, Mobility, Volunteer Coordination, Volunteer, Law

An idea worth spreading

Activate yourself! Stop waiting for the others, be your own solution and create. Take part of a project and change the world. Don't be just one more!
If you are young start as soon as possible participate in you community, identify yourself in a group/association and do something. If the youth has passed already by you is never too late to help and build a better world.
Be happy and make your world better!!!

I'm passionate about

Travels, Cultures, Music, Cinema, Youth, Non profit, Volunteer, Human Rights, Education, Causes, Social Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship and People.

Talk to me about

You can talk with me about anything because it's important to communicate and do networking but this are the most important fields: Youth, Volunteer, Mobility, Training and Education.

People don't know I'm good at

Maybe cooking. Because I don't do it normally so when I do someone get surprised.

My TED story

Unfortunately until today I never assist one TED live but I saw several videos on the youtube and I'm always looking for new ones. I missed the first TED in my city (Viseu) last year but I will not miss another one.
I think TED it's very important in our lives because can be very inspiring and can make a revolution in people lives.
I hope I can share my experience in a positive away and I'll love to learn more to activate a better society.

Favorite talks