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Jo Morrissey
Posted about 2 years ago
What are some big social issues that need to be discussed, but aren't?
Substance Abuse Prevention talks are not found via key word search. In particular, prevention talks using evidence based practices and philosophies which are proven to inspire behavior change at the community, family, and individual level. This is NOT the "I'm an addict in recovery, don't make the same mistake I have." talk. These are inspiring to those overcoming adversity, but are not proven in research to prevent youth substance use. In fact, those types of talks have been shown to have either no effect or worse. They are often stories so out there that they only serve to show youth they can still drink or do drugs just a little and they don't have a problem. BUT THAT IS THE PROBLEM. Adolescent neurological development is tender and is adversely affected by drug use at this tender age. Adolescent judgement is an oxymoron and only gets worse with using inhibition lowering substances. I hope you consider seeking Talks on this subject. There are some good conversations going, actual talks would be a great next step. Thank you. Jo Morrissey, Program Manager, 21 Reasons.