Linda Swart

Innovator, Standard Bank of SA
Pretoria, South Africa

About Linda


Enthusiast and promoter of innovation. I believe in collaboration for change,openness for growth and thinking differently for mass impact. Trend watcher, Big TED fan!
New member of the Standard Bank Innovation team.

I am the license holder and organiser of TEDxPretoria, an annual event focusing on 'IDEAS WORTH SPREADING'.
I am passionate about realizing potential. Twitter: @LinVlinder

Specialities: Innovation ecosystem development, social media marketing, event management, sponsorship management, marketing strategy, start-up support. Ambassador
I love working with people - I am passionate about innovation and how it leads to continual improvement of anything around us. I follow technology trends and love to watch TED talks for inspiration.


Afrikaans, English

Areas of Expertise

Marketing , social media , Event Planning & Management, Innovation & development, entrepreneurship

An idea worth spreading

An Idea worth spreading is the future of collaboration - how working together will change the world. How collaboration will change education, health, economic development and many more aspects in South Africa that are burning issues.

I'm passionate about

My passion lies with innovation and the role it has played in making South Africa a better place. I am also passionate about marketing, social media, technology trends, design and connecting people.

Talk to me about

Innovation, sustainability, entrepreneurship, connecting people, innovation networks, social media.

People don't know I'm good at

Reading people :-)

My TED story

Hosted two succesful TEDx events (TEDxPretoria 2013&2014) This is only the beginning.I was introduced by the TED concept by a friend of mine - Kelo Kubu. She thought I would be a good person to organise a TEDx event in Pretoria because of my passion for innovation and connecting people. This will be my first TEDx event and I will share my story with you as I go along... To be continued...

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