Ryan Miller

New York Mills, NY, United States

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The Obligatory Bio…..

What You Need To Know

As long as I can remember, I’ve always had a huge appetite for building things.Well, not things, but ideas.Projects.Networks. Relationships. And now more than ever there is such an opportunity to share ideas, network with fascinating people and work together to produce something great. So that’s what I’m about. Poking, prodding and exploring.
By Day

I’m an Online Strategist for Romanelli Communications in upstate NY where I help our clients connect with their customers and stakeholders in the digital space by having conversations, telling great stories and building relationships through social media channels.

By Night

I’m a musician and tend to get myself involved in tons of various projects. In addition to wine snobbery, cooking, traveling, brewing and dabbling in making films, I’m the co-founder of the Utica Firefly Storytelling Series.

Did I mention I’m a web junkie? It can get cold here in upstate NY and while I’m huddled in my office or house I love to write / tweet / blog / read / ingest / digest anything and everything related to Social Media, technology, brand building, travel, wine and all things web.

Most importantly – interact.I don’t bite.Love to hear your thoughts.Like what you’re reading?Follow me on Twitter.

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Storytelling, Wine, Travel, Utica, Revitalization, Music, Cooking, Connection, Context, Truth, Blogging, Tech, Social Media, Names of Cities, Small Things and Big Ideas

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Storytelling, Connection, Twitter, Social Media, Backpacking, Upstate NY, Connection, TEDx Organizing, Filmmaking

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