Pauline le Rutte

Trainer / Coach, Conduite
Leidschendam, Netherlands

About Pauline


Presentationcoach, I train people who have an idea and who need a clear story in order to share that idea with others. Many good ideas stay low profile because the presenter isn't able to make a powerful presentation and presents in a way that's inspiring and convincing. That's not necessary. Presenting is a skill everyone can learn.


Dutch, English

Areas of Expertise

Public Speaking, presentationtraining

An idea worth spreading

If you have an idea, take the stage, share it with the world and put effort in your presentation. It's the oldest and still best way to inspire others.

I'm passionate about

I'm an idealist and like the world to be a better place. I like to grow, to deepen my knowledge and participate in new projects and initiatives. My greatest passion is to help others to move the world