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I've photographed in over 50 countries on 6 continents, and been honored as one of 50 leading contemporary women photographers. My work has been published and exhibited internationally.

I am President and Founder of PhotoWings, a unique non-profit. Our mission is to highlight and help facilitate the power of photography to influence the world. We help photography to be better understood, created, utilized, seen, and saved. Our website is an educational hub. Our PhotoWings Outreach Program helps fulfill our mission in a myriad of ways. This includes conducting interviews with leading figures in and around photography, broad based photographic education as it relates to it being created, utilized, and seen, enhancing visual literacy, helping to further develop critical thinking and visual literacy skills, and mentorship programs. We are proactive networking and helping to connect those with common interests. We work every day to help build and reinforce our photographic heritage, concentrating on socially, culturally, and historically important work. We are particularly interested in ideas which weave photography, in thoughtful and innovative ways, into the complex needs of our ever-evolving world.

I am an active TEDster, having attended 9 TED's, and was a TED University Professor in 2010. I am also an active TEDx'er. I am on the original TEDxSF Organizing Committee helping to organize 8 very successful events and have helped out photographically with TEDxSV and TEDxAlcatraz. TEDxSF was the 2nd TEDx. I have mentored other TEDx's.

Earlier in my career I was co-founder of Snyder Capital Management. At one point, SCM had the number one record in the nation for five consecutive years as a value buyer. It was sold in 1997 and continues on today as one of the most successful boutique financial management firms.



TED Conferences

TED2016, TED2015, TED2014, TED2013, TED2012, TEDGlobal 2011, TED2011, TED2010, TED2009, TED2008

Areas of Expertise

Photography, The power of photography to influence and change the world, Networking, Creative thinking, Bringing people together with common interests, Out-of-the-box Thinking, Innovation - Ideas into Action, education, Travel and Adventure, Journalism

An idea worth spreading

Bringing together people from divergent perspectives who share an interest in the same general subject yet might not meet or know about one another.

I'm passionate about

The under-utilized power of photography and out-of-the-box thinking.

Talk to me about

The power of photography to influence the world and why it's at risk. Also, how the skills utilized by photographers can be transferable into general education.

People don't know I'm good at

Space planning, furniture design, and out-of-the-box thinking

My TED story

I attended TED 2008 in Monterey and every one since, plus attended TED Global in 2011. I was also a TED University Professor in Long Beach. The title of my TED University Talk was "Thinking Creatively About Photography" in 2010 Session 2.

I am an active TEDster and TEDx'er. I am on the original core TEDxSF Organizing Committee and have helped organize 8+ very successful events. We were the second TEDx and three of our speakers are among the top 15 TEDx Talks. I have helped out my TED friends by photographing their speakers at TEDxSV and TEDxAlcatraz. and have mentored other TEDx organizers. In addition to overall strategy, programming and getting speakers I have also been involved in staging, photography, designing program hand-outs, and signage.

Comments & conversations

Suzie Katz
Posted almost 4 years ago
Steve Jobs: How to live before you die
Years ago Arianna Huffington told me a story about Jackie Kennedy Onassis re her tenacity - she imagined herself to be a thoroughbred racehorse during a race wearing blinders. No matter how she'd stumble on the rocks, no matter what the distractions, she just kept her eye on the end goal of the finish line. It sounds like that was Steve Jobs - he had blind faith in his ability. He died way too young... Imagine how he might have changed the world yet again had he lived.
Suzie Katz
Posted almost 4 years ago
What's your TED habit?
I watch them for a variety of reasons. If there's someone I want to get a better sense of in the context of their area of expertise I'll watch their TED Talk, even if I watched them live on the TED stage. I've been doing a lot of work on innovative education so I'll look at some of those TED Talks, take notes or sometimes send their links to others to include in our discussions. We'll include some appropriate ones for our V2 website both to recommend and also to include in future discussions. I've been working on critical thinking skills for our educational initiatives so I just watched Michael Sandel and Ken Robinson's talks. I recommend some on my various social networking sites. Since I'm on the TEDxSF Organizing Committee we're always looking for TED Talks to include in our events so I look for good ones for that purpose. I also recommend some of the best ones to our speakers as examples to emulate. Sometimes I watch ones I missed at TED, often the TED University talks, or ones from other TEDx's. I particularly like to recommend them to people who have time on their hands due to age, illness, or bad fortune. It's such a treasure trove of extraordinary ideas that I need to keep an eye on my clock or the time will fly by. Chris, thank you again for making these available online.