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Julia Xu
Posted over 2 years ago
Joshua Prager: In search of the man who broke my neck
Loved it when Joshua said 'I wished to tell him that one does not have to say that a bad thing is good, that a crash is from God and so a crash is good, a broken neck is good. One can say that a bad thing sucks' Sometimes things just suck, and sadly we have no choice but to reconcile to reality, and struggle to rise from it and enjoy what life has yet to offer. People say Joshua should forgive Abed, but how can one forigve when there is no apology at all? I think Joshua did more by not forgiving, he moved on. He didn't get what he came for, he didn't fixate their meeting on every horrific detail of the accident, he simply told Abed that one man instead of two was killed and then he said goodbye. After all the things Abed has said, what can you expect from him anyway? Forgivness? Maybe it just doesn't matter... Joshua moved on.