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Sachin Bhatia
Posted over 1 year ago
Arthur Benjamin: A performance of "Mathemagic"
I'm sorry, Vibs even though I'm Indian and take pride in my culture, I can not stand the propagation of myths, even though they might bolster our pride and grant us a false sense of security. Firstly, Vedic mathematics has nothing to do with the Vedas. Till date, after extensive amount of research no evidence has been found for the existence of that Veda, which includes the sutras and the calculations that forms the basis of Vedic mathematics. And it is also incorrect to attribute this form of 'speed mathematics' to Indian culture. Off course, at one point of time in history Indians were scientifically and mathematically forward, however Vedic mathematics is not related to richness of ancient India. It was the brainwork of one individual in the 1900's, and was merely an attempt to dispel the argument of the coloniser: that Indians were inferior and the colonialist was superior. After independence and during the struggle, Indians tended to look back into history for it gave them a reason to protest. British entry in India had led to worsening of Indian intellect and culture, and this was clear from a comparison between pre -colonial and colonial India. In such a volatile situation, when public emotion was high; any information that boosted India's argument was hastily adopted, whether truth or not. And this is what propelled and characterised the rise of Vedic Mathematics, to such an extent that most Indians are still under the belief that Vedic math is derived from the ancient Vedas. Its a paradoxical situation, intertwined with nationalism and the Indian image in the contemporary world The arguments I mention in my comment are not the product of my imagination. I cite facts. A simple Google search would tell you more than I could ever fit over here. Anyways, I have attached a few links that would cement my point:
Sachin Bhatia
Posted over 2 years ago
What is the biggest problem you want to solve?
I'm really saddened by the way humans, namely the 'superior beings', resort to violence to achieve their interests and solve misunderstandings. Sometimes I ask such people ' Can animals talk?' They reply with an obvious 'no'. Then, I ask them ' Can we humans communicate and talk amongst ourselves?' They say 'yes'. I go on and say:' Animals unable to communicate, unable to understand, any problem tend to solve their problems using violence and aggressiveness. We humans even after having received the ability to speak and understand problems resort to violence. Tell me then, what is the difference between a human and an animal? ' Violence is something I hate and would like it to be eradicated from the world. The only solution I see to this problem is spreading ideas against violence and invoking a consensus with the people of the world on this matter.