About Joseph


Joseph is a minister and author as well as Independent Associate of Clean Nation marketing renewable energy certificates through parent company Stream Energy of Dallas,TX.

An idea worth spreading

America Runs On Wind - My desire is to create buzz,even a movement of people involving everyday Americans, renewable energy associations and the such like who are passionate about saving our environment, economy, and global position.

I'm passionate about

Writing, renewable energy, and helping people move forward in life.

My TED story

My TED Story - Sharing an idea that the common American, rich or poor can get involved in the support of renewable energy. All each person needs is their passion for a better planet, strong economy, and independence from fossil fuel energy generation. Couple this with an open mind to a business idea that supports renewable energy creation in a profound manner.

Our site, America Runs On Wind, was made to create buzz and excitement about renewable energy certificates. I market Green-e certified RECs and what they are and am not ashamed to say so and teach others how to do the same to save their personal economy while creating a movement that could propel the U.S. into a national economic revival.

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