eelco apeldoorn

Amsterdam - Zuid Oost, Netherlands

About eelco


Student Mechanicel Engineering, VOL-VCA licent, Car Drivers Licent. VMBO-T diploma, HAVo: N&T diploma/ N&G Diploma.


Dutch, English, German

Areas of Expertise

Design, sustainability - enginereeing, Mechancial Engineering, Energy for Sustainability

An idea worth spreading

looking for reduction is great, looking to improve your life is great, but the real butty of mechanicel engineering combinet with sustainble engeneering, is when you look at mother nature for extreme smart design solutions and for improving your energy effecientsy, at the machine self: were are the loses, in heat power friction etc, and were can i possible transform a littel bit of thouse energy losses in usebale energy.(by the way i am dyslectic and englisch is not my netavie lenguage, my appolies for the bad wrighting i will fix it soon)

I'm passionate about

Sutstainble Engineering, getting the higest possible efficientie by a sustainble way. the ocean, the wild live here on earth and the forest. it's so beutafull and voor design so nollegebal.

Talk to me about

everything you can think of that is good or bad for the world, I am always intrestead in other people's opions.

People don't know I'm good at

Creative thinking, out of the box methode, a eye for energy flows that can be used for efficintie.