Jawad Ahmad Haqbeen

Kabul, Afghanistan

About Jawad Ahmad


Born, 15 March 1987...Peshawar Pakistan, Graduated From Habibia High School and Engineering faculty of Nangarhar University in Nov 2005, July 2010 respectively. Got admission in Graduate school of Global Information and Telecommunication Studies Waseda University Tokyo Japan in Sept 2011....


English, Hindi, Japanese, Persian

Areas of Expertise

Software Engineering, Multimedia Communications

An idea worth spreading

Slow down, and get in touch with yourself, you know what's best.

I'm passionate about

Technology and ICT Innovation, Human rights, Traveling, cultures, spreading understanding

Talk to me about

Languages, Cultures, Business, Technology, Software Engineering, Programming, Philosophy, University.

People don't know I'm good at

Reading and learning new things, So being hard on myself.

My TED story

Ted's what I've been waiting for, Great among others :)