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Shams Khan
Posted over 2 years ago
Do our comments/ posts// tweets have value individually or as part of a discussion? Can we claim credit for them and monetize them? How?
I am trying to gather who are the 'our' in [our comments/ posts// tweets]. Does 'our' include - me and my buddies? or me and my family? or me and my consumer base as a whole? or me and my direct clients? Is the discussion happening publicly on a social media's wall? I think if we ask FaceBook to pay us per comment and if they agree thats one way of monetizing it. Actually lots of fortune 500 companies pay (free coupon, gifts card etc.) users to comment on their product or service. Positive PR. In my opinion, observation and experience - there are very few things in life which can not be 'bought' or 'sold' and hereby cant not be put with a price tag for 'monetization'. One of those are friendship. If FB starts paying my friends to write good comments on my post or vice versa - I will leave Facebook immediately.