Jose G. Lepervanche

TEDx organizer, Florida State College Jacksonville
Jacksonville, FL, United States

About Jose G.


Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche currently works as Professor of Supervision and Management at Florida State College at Jacksonville. He is TEDxFSCJ Organizer. He also teaches IS&T and eBusiness courses online in graduate and undergraduate programs. His courses are: Management Theory and Practice, Strategic Management, Management of Information Systems, and the Capstone Project in Supervision and Management. He uses TED, TED-Ed, and TEDx Talks to enhance management instruction beyond the classroom. TED videos have been embedded into discussions, announcements, and newsletters to generate online discussions, small group discussions, and post-video assignments. Thanks to these activities and more, the first TEDxFSCJ event was licensed for Fall 2014. He has presented his TED-Ed Learning Experience in the 25th International Conference on College Teaching and Learning and FSCJ Fall Convocation and UNAD Florida International Conference: Technology, Education, Business in Colombia in November 2014. He attended TEDxBeaconStreet as one of 2014 Adventure Catalysts.


English, Spanish

TED Conference

TEDActive 2015

Areas of Expertise

Online Education, Management - Information Systems, Internet - education, Youth Leadership, Outdoors Learning

An idea worth spreading

CyberChronicles - Learning Online Laboratory ( + Offline & Outdoors too...) is using Device Oriented Learning and combining technology and knowledge (TECHknowledge) with TED Ed lessons to expand online and offline discussions to different management courses. Students from one course use TED Ed discussion to exchange comments with students from other courses expanding the learning experience as a TED Ed Learning Adventure.

I'm passionate about

Scouting. Lifelong Scout leader in Venezuela and BSA. VP of Program in North Florida Council. Blog, FB and Twitter @ScoutmasterJose. Social media learning and leadership.

Talk to me about

Technology Management, Outdoors Learning, Social Media Leadership, Youth Leadership

People don't know I'm good at

Drawing cartoons about events, Scouting, academia and the outdoors. Watch

My TED story

I am the 2014 TEDxFSCJ Organizer with a license from TED and I attended a TEDx workshop for organizers in Gainesville. I attended 2012 TEDxRiversideAvondale and 2013 and 2014 TEDxJacksonville and I have been using TED and TEDx videos in my courses. As organizer of TEDxFSCJ we created a TEDxFSCJ Club to have a student organizing team. I have presented my TED, TEDx and TED Ed Learning Adventures to enhance classroom experience in the 2014 International Conference on College Teaching and Learning, 2014 FSCJ Faculty Convocation and International Conference on Technology, Education, and Business in Colombia in Nov 2014.. After our first TEDxFSCJ event I am creating TED Ed lessons based on our event and I will share these learning ideas as TEDxBeaconStreet Adventure Catalyst I was accepted to attend next TED active. I was interviewed by Boston Consulting Group about trends and my experience as TEDx Organizer. On 2015 we renewed the license for TEDxFSCJ.

Favorite talks