Jason Johnson

Managing Partner & Co-Founder, Founders Den
San Francisco, CA, United States

About Jason


I sprung from a 16 year old on welfare who made a big personal sacrifice dropping out of high school to have me. I'm the first to go to college from both sides of my family. I've been blessed with a wife, son, and wonderful opportunities in Silicon Valley.


English, Japanese

TED Conferences

TED2016, TED2015, TED2014, TED2010, TED2008

Areas of Expertise

Creating Synergy, Delivering Technology, Intellectual property peace brokering, Startups, Entrepreneurship, Home Automation

An idea worth spreading

TECH: seemless interactions. SOCIAL: the appreciation of shared values even if our beliefs are different. FREEDOM TO INNOVATE: Eliminating barriers to the adoption of innovations - developing a 'United Nations' for innovators (IP owners) to collaborate.

I'm passionate about

Technology that is disruptive.

Talk to me about

Our moral responsibility to use our talents, experiences, and passions to contribute more to the world than we take from it.

People don't know I'm good at

multiparty negotiations (wish I could have said the guitar or piano)

My TED story

My friend Michael Levit has been a TED member for a while. Each year he would come back from Monterey and tell me how interesting it was. I was fortunate to attend the last TED in Monterey and several since.

Favorite talks

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