Mark Gottfried

Chief Strategist , M.E. Gottfried, Inc.
Williamsburg, VA, United States

About Mark


Mark Gottfried is a Financial Strategist, Virtual CFO and Trainer who simplifies systems and maximizes technology to help you improve the value of your business.

Mark creates key performance indicators that provide a Crystal Ball to future revenues, income and cash flow.

Mark provides coaching and team building to help organize a more efficient workflow.

Mark teaches Rule of Thumb Accounting(SM). You don't need to know accounting to run a business, but you do need to know your key numbers.

Mark trains business owners, managers and staff to understand their business model. He teaches practical financial intelligence so they can manage to specific measurable goals.

Mark helps identify and implement simple systems for monitoring non-financial metrics that help you to know what is happening in your business.

Licensed CPA in Virginia
Member AICPA, Virginia CPA Society
Member Chartered Global Management Accountants

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Areas of Expertise

Teaching Financial Intelligence

An idea worth spreading

Rule of Thumb Accounting(SM) - A unique process and training program that teaches small business owners how to look at financial and accounting numbers differently, using a "rule of thumb" approach. I want to build a better world by improving financial intelligence.

Research with actual small business owners shows…
“Businesses in the Rule-of-Thumb training were more likely to implement the material that was taught, keep accounting records, calculate monthly revenues and separate their business and home financial records.”
Businesses that received rule of thumb training were 30% more successful than either those that received traditional accounting training or no training at all.

Source:” Keeping it Simple: Financial Literacy and Rules of Thumb” by Alejandro Drexler, Greg Fischer, and Antoinette Schoar, January 2011 (University of Texas-Austin, London School of Economics, MIT)

I'm passionate about

Teaching small business owners how to understand their numbers and create value in their business