Michaela Knapp

Wolfsberg, Austria

About Michaela


Hi. My name is Michaela Knapp but I prefer to be called Michi although it may sounds like a boy but however...I come from Austria, Wolfsberg - a rather small town.
I am still a pupil but I will obtain my A-levels next year.
Moreover I play the accordion and the drums. A lot of my free time I spend therefore in music school. But in the last two years philosophy has come a very interesting field in my life. My favorite authors are Hermann Hesse, Bernd Brecht, Max Frisch and Paulo Coelho.
But also taking photos is one of my favorite free time activities.
So enough about me. IF you want to know more,have no fear of texting me.


English, German, Italian

Areas of Expertise

Philoposphy - Mind, Accordion, Drums and Percussion, Photograhy, Poetry

Favorite talks