Ana Hernandez

High School Student, FIRST Robotics Competition
Los Angeles, CA, United States

About Ana

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My name is Ana, I'm usually the youngest of my classes and also the one who is almost always raising my hand. I am involved in many clubs and activities in my school and through my high school robotics team I get to experience many events and help with volunteer work. I also get to to travel and explore new places and meet new people. I have learned that keeping an open mind and positive attitude will get you far.. I am also part of the Foshay tech academy, it is a class where we get to learn computer skills and learn different softwares such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver and more. I also have a huge passion for soccer, it's in my blood and I strive to be the best on the field. I love being a goalkeeper, the adrenaline and rush of coming out and diving for the ball is what sucks me in. Having the mental focus and quick reflexes is a skill I learned over time. It has proved to be useful on and off the field. Other then that I like to relax and play some video games on my PC and browse Reddit. If i'm feeling the need for some sun and fresh air I go outside and either bring my cleats and ball or my pencil and sketchpad. I enjoy life right now and can't wait to see what adventures I'll be planning next! My dream is to get accepted into MIT university or become a professional soccer player. My biggest dream ever is to meet my idol, Lionel Messi from Barcelona F.C



I'm passionate about

Soccer is one of my biggest loves. From the nice turf fields all the way to the narrow streets, its all the same game, played by the same amount of love and hard work.

Talk to me about

Volunteer work and opportunities. I am always eager to find new experiences and learn from it! My robotics team is also looking for any type of volunteer work we can help with!

People don't know I'm good at

I am good at speaking and presenting. With my creative mind and fun ideas I try to make every presentation I do interesting and interactive and appropriate for the audience I am speaking to.