About Tatsuma


I am born to heal the world by nurturing the conditions where creativity flourishes. In order to do that, I will visualize universality in diversity to the world as the first step.

Here below is a rough writing of my bio.

The first half is about what I have focused in my life.
The last half is about how I deal with issues.
Hope extraordinary ideas come to your mind on seeing my bio.

1. What have Tats focused in his life?

In the university in Canada, I loved my majors, because they covered multiple fields. They turned out to nurture the seeds of my ever-lasting curiosity to many issues.

In 2009 after the encounter of TED Fellow Koto, I came to truly believe that great minds are in the every corner of the world and you will have chances to work with them by having courage to remember your worthiness. This is my lesson when I became an editor for Koto and Malagasy team to apply to Ashoka fellowship.

As a TEDxSeeds2009 organizer, I have been excited that fact that you can go out anywhere in the world to meet great minds, if you practice having the courage on own worthiness of vision. This is my lesson as a speaker curator.

Since the summer of 2009 in India, I have been confident of being passionate, thanks to the encounter with my life-long Indian mentor. His carrier as the chairman of the top international high school in a southern part of India turned out to the fact we inspired each other and talked every day and night for 7 days about a variety of issues around world and even the universe.

As an Art of Hosting Japan 2010 Spring sub-host, I came to fully believe the power of appreciation in the process of its community building approach. It shapes collective attitude and ever-lasting visions.

In the summer of 2010in Vietnam, I was fascinated to know that there are thousands of passionate people in the world regardless of nationalities. This is my lesson when I worked with an independent administrative institution for an international culture festival.

2. How does Tats deal with issues?

In elementary school and junior high school, I was passionate about
co-polishing with the partner or team mates in practicing martial art. I was fascinated that different individuals come together to make improvements based on the edges and understanding of each other.

Since high school, I have been interested in learning languages, because I love to take words apart to prefixes - extra-, -ize, and so on. More importantly, discovering the original meanings and creating new words with prefixes have interested me, because they are steps of visualizing new concepts.

In my last summer in high school and whole 4 years at the university, I had loved learning abroad in Canada and Spain. Since the a-year abroad exchange program in Spain, I have been fully confident that we can do projects very well regardless of where we are.

In my junior year as a-year abroad exchange student in Spain, I realized that the fact I have a limited time in a certain place drove me to make something big out of curiosity. It turned out to found the first international soccer team in the history of the university.

In the first half of my senior year in Canada, I completed the university degrees, because I am always fascinated to complete something ahead of time and move on to a next earlier.

Through the experiences above all, I came to think I am born to heal the world by nurturing the conditions where creativity flourishes. To do that I will visualize universality in diversity to the world as the first step.


English, Japanese, Spanish

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