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Aaditya Geed
Posted over 1 year ago
In what ways may disagreement aid the pursuit of knowledge in the natural and human sciences?
I believe this would be an accurate portrayal of perfect independent learning environment, I study, and while I do, i love to argue back and forth on topics I don't understand, even the simplest things can lead to greater discovery and a greater sense of achievement in terms of knowledge. Once during our project, we had to represent two different theories of beginning of the world, we had two different groups who researched on all the theories pertaining to the "start of the earth". We went wild with the research with our thirst to squash the others and prove the supremacy of our theory, we were all every open minded children, and thus we argued upon two different theories and did not reach one single conclusion, but opened our minds to something entirely new and unique which we were at first blind to.