Douglas Cornwell

Ottawa, Canada

About Douglas


50 years old and still learning


English, French, German

An idea worth spreading

To succeed in life you must have a long term inner vision of your existence as spiritual being embodied in a finite body. Once you have achieved this task you see yourself as an integral part of one infinite spiritual body, no more, no less. Now you will begin to get a better understanding of the incredible journey you are on.

I'm passionate about

the human experience, travel, music, exceptional people, trees, romance, and inspiring stories

Talk to me about

life after death, photography, music, alien life-forms and conspiracy theories

People don't know I'm good at

Playing the piano

My TED story

My wife and I met 26 years ago in the Banff Springs Hotel and fell in love at first sight. A passionate 6 week romance followed until I had to head south to California. During my trip I was "born again" in the desert and changed my name. 2 years later she had written me (c/o my parents) in which I replied, "Enjoy your life and forget the young man you once knew, for he is now gone ". She would not forget. A couple times a year for 24 years she would glance at the letter and then put it back in her drawer. 2 years ago she finally asked herself, "How can I get in touch with him?". A friend suggested - Facebook. She tried in vain. Then, she realized that she had my letter. I had signed it with my new name. She now tried using my first name "Raphael". There was only one response. It was me. So she wrote me and asked if I remembered her. Of course I did. Within 2 weeks she was on a plane to BC from Europe. 2 days later I asked her to marry me. A year later we were married